B2B MARKETPLACE has been established for all the entities that are dealing in B2B basis.


- None payment of the goods that you order (add to cart and send us)  it is established online.

- Your online order it comes to us in the form of the PURCHASE ORDER and REQUEST FOR QUOTATION (RFQ).

You can also email us your interest at contact@b2b-markets.com

We only deal and mechandize our products in wholesale to companies, organizations and end users under minimum quantities subject to the product nature.

We only deal and mechandize our products in wholesale to companies, organizations and end users under minimum quantities subject to the product nature.

We don't merchandize our goods in the retail market


- Upon we receive your PURCHASE ORDER and the RFQ we evaluate this and we issue our official CORPORATE OFFER which we send it to you for your evaluation and  final approval / acceptance.

- In our CORPORATE OFFER we include any extra discounts agreed, the handling costs and the transportation cost of the goods to the delivery place that you have declared us as well as the payment terms and conditions as well as instructions required

- On final approval / acceptance  of our offer from your side we proceed with all relevant actions have been mentioned and agreed.

- All the goods are delivered to the final destination, according to the agreed and approved terms and conditions, in the firm / name (consignee) that you have provided us in your order.

- All the final invoices and transit documents that are issued are accompany the goods on their transportation to the delivery place while a scan copy of these it is also emailed to you.

- In case that the goods you have ordered are requiring special permissions (weapons, ammo etc) we also provide you all the necessary documents and instructions that are needed in order you to proceed with all the relevant actions and permissions issuance.

- Most of the goods that you order are direct delivered by the manufacturer(s), with which we have contractual agreements and cooperation, to the destination place in the name of consignee..

- Delivery of goods  are in port to port basis. Any Import expenses/charges or VAT in the delivery place of goods are all the time on BUYER or END USER account.

- Warranty of all the goods as per manufacturer(s).

We only legal trade/deal with countries/Companies that are not under any sanction or embargo by the UN or the EU or the manufacturer country of the goods

Notice: Emails or orders that we receive without details in full, thus Company's Name, VAT or Registration Number, Full address details, Contact name, Contact Phone, Valid email etc are totally ignored and are not answered while these are considered as not true and valid.

For further information or clarification do not hesitate to contact us

The sales team
If you are a manufacturer or products holder or trader of goods in stock / surplus you can send us your goods through an email with full specs, photos and prices of these.
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We only legal trade with countries/companies that are not under any sanction by the UN and the EU