Primary upgrade areas:

• Provision of day-and-night combat armament application;

• Enhancement of application accuracy of unguided armament using laser rangefinder;

• Provision of day-and-night implementation of reconnaissance and earch-and-rescue tasks with precise target coordinates determination;

• Provision of night flights at the altitude of 50 meters using night vision goggles;

• Provision of independent search and landing at night on undesignated helipads without application of landing headlights;

• Provision of day-and-night observation and artillery fire adjustment;

• Generation of passive IR and counterradar measures using ASO-2V device;

• Installation of high-precision navigation and new display system of navigation and flight information.

Modernization of Mi-8, Mi-8MT, Mi-8 MTV-1, Mi-17 helicopters

In overhauling various modifications of Mi-8, Mi-8MT, Mi-8 MTV-1, Mi-17 helicopters according to the specification of the technical documentation, the Customer may opt order the following additional work:

- refitment of helicopters into a cargo-passenger variation;

- installation of a vibration absorber;

- replacement of ТВ3-117В, ТВ3-117МТ engines into ТВ3-117ВМ, ТВ3-117ВМA variants;

- technical condition inspection with the purpose to recover the helicopter after breakdowns and accidents at the enterprise and at customer’s premises;

- modification of helicopters with external fuel tanks for increasing the capacity;

- equipping helicopters with lighting facility set AMI-8, compatible with night vision goggles;
- implementation of works volume on the technical condition assessment to extend the resources and life of the helicopter;

- САРПП-12Д1М recorder replacement with the БУР-4-1. СДК-8, CARE registrators;

- installation of ASO-2V deflector falloff automation;

- insuring of R-862 (R-863) radio system operation with frequency spacing 8,33/25KHz;

- insuring of Baklan-20(5) radio system operation with frequency spacing 8,33/25 KHz;

- replacement of KARAT М24 and R – 860 radio system for Yadro – 1А and Р-863;

- replacement of RV-3 radio altimeter for  А-037;

- installation of 8А81ZC meteo-radar;

- installation of GPS satellite navigation system;

- installation of GTX 327 airborne responder with А-350 converter;
Enhancement of fire power and survivability, providing of twenty-four-hour performance of combat missions, improvement of aircraft performance characteristics due to:

- The installation of modern target sight system equipped with gyrostabilized optronic station;

- The installation of new avionics set;

- The use of new communication means, navigation system, on-board computer and multifunctional indicator, which provides twenty four hour application of guided and unguided weapons, capability to fly in automatic mode and reducing crew physical load;

- The use of night vision system;

- The installation of defensive aids;

- Application of armor and ground protection components;

- The installation of shortened wing (according to the Customer’s wish).

Modernization of Mi-24, Mi-35 helicopters

In overhauling various modifications of Mi-24 (Mi-35) helicopters according to the specification of the technical documentation, the Customer may opt order the following additional work :

- Upgrading of steering system, air-navigation equipment, global positioning system (GPS);

- Work package according to the program of renewal of overhaul-period operating life of helicopter;

- Replacement of ТВ3-117B engine to ТВ3-117ВМA;

- Inspection of the helicopters’ technical condition for the recovery after the breakdowns and accidents on the aircraft repair plant and on equipped customer bases;

- Replacement of SARPP-12D1M flight data recorder system for BUR-4-1;

- Helicopter completion to provide round-the-clock combat employment with the provision of night-vision goggles with the cabin adjustment or the of a round-the-clock sighting and sighting system GOES 342 (OPS-24N) installation;

- Installation of UPK-23-250 container to enhance combat capability of helicopters by using GSH-23 cannon;

- Installation of 24B product to enhance combat capability of helicopter by using S24 unguided missiles;

- Installation of the deflectors automatic reset device АСО-2В to increase the protection against damage by missiles with thermal guidance;

- Upgrading of R-862 (R-863) radio system operation with frequency spacing 8,33/25KHz to ensure the flights in IKAO system;

- Upgrading to enable installation of P-62 and P-72 launching gear for R-60 and R-73 air-fired missiles.
Intended for dropping paratroopers, transportation of troops with standard combat materiel (wheeled equipment, engineer assets, etc.) and armament, immediate delivery of armament, ammunition and materials for troop forces, evacuation of the wounded and sick and for ground located targets destruction.

To carry oversize cargoes the helicopter may be equipped with external sling with carrying capacity from 3000 to 5000 kg

Crew, man: 3
Maximum speed, km/h: 250
Ceiling, m: 6000

Range, km
• ferry: 1065
• operational (without external fuel tanks) up to 500

Maximum take off weight, kg: 13000
Maximum payload, kg: up to 4000

Number of heliborne, man:
• troopers:  24
• wounded:  12

Engine: TV3-117 VM, hp
             2 x 2200
Intended for direct support of ground forces units and their transportation

Crew, man: 5
Maximum speed, km/h: 295
Ceiling, m: 6500
Range, km:
   • ferry 2350
   • operational (without external fuel tanks) up to 800

Maximum takeoff weight, kg: 56000
Maximum payload, kg: up to 20000

Number of heliborne, man:
• troopers up to 80
• wounded up to 60

Engine: 2хTurboprop D-136, hp                                         
Intended for reconnaissance, immediate delivery of armament, ammunition and materials for troops and evacuation of the wounded and sick.

Crew, man: 1
Maximum speed, km/h: 210
Ceiling, m: 4000

Range, km
• ferry: 1000
• operational: 580

Maximum takeoff weight, kg: 3695
Maximum payload, kg:  800

Number of heliborne, man:
• troopers: 6-8
• wounded: 4

Engines: Turboprop GTD-350, hp
               2 x 400

KT-112 "Combat" is a light  combat helicopter  
designed to  fight armoured targets, low and   
medium altitude aircrafts.
Mi-8 Helicopter

Mi-8/17 helicopters make up the  bulk of the helicopter military  transport aviation of many world countries. 
The application filed: aerial  transportation of weapons and  war like equipment, carrying  assault troops, fire support of  the land forces, SAR and UN missions
Mi-24/35 Helicopter

Mi-24/35 helicopter is designated to increase  
the mobility of the land forces and provide  
covering fire at the battlefield.  Can be used for  
combat, troop-carrying or transportation  
purposes. Can be used for UN missions and for  
flying on international air lines in compliance  
with ICAO requirements.
Mi-14 Helicopter

Mi-14PL – anti-submarine  helicopter, also capable of  guarding and patrolling of  combat, assault and transport  ships.

Can fly by 400 km off-  shore and patrol there for 1 hour.

Mi-14PS – search and rescue  helicopter, allowing for external  sling and rescue equipment  installation.

Can be employed in  attack variant. In ferry version -  fitted with an additional fuel tank in the tail section.